Saturday, 29 October 2011

Montagne Jenuesse Facial Masque *GIVEAWAY*

 Prize 1 - 2 Bumber Packs of Montagne Jenuesse Facial Masques

 Prize 2 - 2 Bumper Packs of Montagne Jenuesse Facial Masques

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Ends November 12th
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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Review: OPI Katy Perry Collection

Last week I got sent a buch of products from a great online discount store called The company sells everything beauty related and at great prices. They gave me a $150 gift cirtificate to their site to review their company and products. I ordered Nail Polishes. Mainly because they had a massive eray of choices. I have never tried OPI or ESSIE polishes before so I thought I would take the oppertunity to try them out. Today I am going to show you the Katy Perry OPI collection, which I had been wanting for ever!

The reason I got these products is because I love the colours. Especially the glitter colours. When I received the package (I had to pay £26 TAX as it was shipped from the US which was a bummer) My friend and I actually screamed! We opened the box and looked strait at these... I swatched 'The one that got away' first, I was amazed! The colour was so pigmented and opaque, I didn't actually like this colour online but I was wowed! The polish has little glitter specks in the bottle which made the finished look look amazing! The next colour was 'Last friday night' This was one of the glitter polishes (the blue one)  loved this in the bottle but I think the application of this was a little bit sheer. 'Teenage Dream' is the same, I love this colour but you need loads of coats... Also these glitter polishes flake of if a base coat is not used. Finally 'The one that got away' is a purpley redey colour which is sort of the same as 'Not like the Movies' but a different colour.

I love the applicator of these, They have a lovely strong handle which I can use with ease and the applicator is a thick rectangle shape which fits to the shape of my nail.

You can but this online or in stores for $8 - $10

♥♥♥♥ 4 STARS

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Review: BeautyUK Oceanina Pearl Eyeliner

As you all know I love makeup, especially Makeup I can Afford! I like well pigmented beauty products that I can rely on, something which I can use everyday... and yes. I have found a company which I have tried and Love!

I have tried many of BeautyUK's Products, ranging from Lipsticks to Eyeshadows, It is a great high street (drugstore) brand which is great if you are on a budget. Today I am going to 'virtually' show you this beautiful *NEW* Liquid Pearl Eyeliner which comes in 8 beautiful, shimmering shades!

I don't use colourful eyeliner very much, I think it over-does the eyeshadow and looks a bit tacky. I'm used to blacks and dark blues, but I received this beauty and fell in love! 

Each colour is individual! Some even have tiny little glitters in there! Each Liner have great names too; Sphynx, Stardust, Eclipse, Purple Haze, Sorceress, Rich Mahogany, Blue Lagoon, and Oceania. I definitely will be purchasing Purple Haze and Eclipse... just because I love the names of them! 

The applicator has a felt tip end which makes the application of this product smooth and comfortable. It is able to give the right shape as I find the applicator is very strong and firm. I can get very defined, straight lines on my lids.

You apply this smooth liner as you would with any other, just run it along the upper lash line to make the lashes look thicker and fuller. You can also add a cats flick with the pointed felt tip. It is very pigmented and lasts all day. I also love the finish!

Like I said Before this eyeliner is really cheap! At £3.49 this beautiful liner is a beautiful buy! You can purchase this, and any other beautyUK products at or you can but it in store at superdrug!
♥♥♥♥ 4 Stars