Saturday, 29 October 2011

Montagne Jenuesse Facial Masque *GIVEAWAY*

 Prize 1 - 2 Bumber Packs of Montagne Jenuesse Facial Masques

 Prize 2 - 2 Bumper Packs of Montagne Jenuesse Facial Masques

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"What does the word 'Makeup' Mean to you?"

Ends November 12th
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Katie said...

For me, Make-up means i can go out feeling confident, i understand it's not going to make me feel/look perfect but even just a little bit of concealer makes me feel a little bit of beautiful! I love that it can completely change a girls confidence, i mean every girl should feel beautiful with out it but never the less it does really really boost my confidence! :) i'm TheCrushedRose on youtube, my names Katie to!!;)xxx

Alicerocks1000 said...

Hello. My name is Alice. The word "make up" to me means being able to be confident in yourself. Wearing make up makes you feel beautiful and confident when you may not feel the same inside. Its the ability to be who you want to be in an second. Applying some mascara, eye-liner or any make up product can instantly make you feel so much better. Make up is so versatile then is party make up, everyday, or making yourself up for that special someone. Say one day you wanted to feel like a rockstar you could apply make up in that way. But I also feel that when you walk into a make-up store such as boots, walk around, have a look at all the bright products under the lights. Its such a magical experience and is really enjoyable going home and trying out a new product! I love make up!

destroydj0503 said...

makeup means to me (pretty,sexy,art and happy) thank is what makeup means to me you can be yourself or think outside the box like for halloween thank you so much for this giveaway much love to ya sweetie xoxo

Megan - Mlfishere said...

To me, Makeup is a part of your character as you can design a look that suits you. I wear makeup to make me look alive and cover spots. I feel confident without makeup however i know some people who don't. To them makeup is who they are and without wearing it they think they are ugly and i totally disagree. Makeup shouldn't be used to make you someone else but enhanse your inner beauty. My name is Megan and my youtube name is Mlfishere. X

hannah emily carmichael said...

To me makeup is something which I can rely on to make me look alive, and feel better about myself and enhance my inner beauty. I love exploring with makeup and it makes me very happy.
My name is Hannah and my youtube is HannahC826 xx

Allison Alamares said...

makeup means to me beauty and excitement and confidence. makeup makes me feel confident then beautiful and its fun to but on and exciting:) thanks so much for this giveaway!

Analy said...

makeup means confidence and happiness, it can change your mood and the way you feel on the outside really quick.

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Miss T said...

Makeup to me means enhancing natural beauty. For everyday makeup I don't wear a lot because I believe everyone is beautiful without having to pile the makeup on. Less is more as the saying goes. But every girl loves to change her look up and makeup allows us to do this whether it be a rock chic daytime look or to go with a glamourous dress in the evening, or even for the festive period and halloween just round the corner. Half the fun of a night out is getting ready after all :P - MissT

Rachael InTheSky said...

Makeup means being able to paint your favorite picture on your personalized canvis and show it to the world! I LOVE makeup. ;D

vintagemakeup8 said...

makeup means something i use everyday , it means i can transform my face to a new look everyday , i can experiment and also i can feel good about my self :)
love your videos ,
vintagemakeup8 <3

Ashley said...

The word "Makeup" means that I can be more confident and more out going. It enhances my "natural beauty".

Ellisa said...

For me makeup means to bring out our beauty, because of this mkaeup makes us more confident.

Connie said...

Makeup means alot to me. I use it to enhance the natural features I was given and try not to overdo it so that my natural features are still able to shine through. It is also a way to express myself and to make my personality shine through by simply looking at me! I was not blessed with a perfect face so it is a way to make me feel more confident about how I look. :) Thank you for the giveaway! :) x

RandysWife2B said...

Makeup to me means enhancing natural beauty..
A product that can bring pretty colors to your face,eyes,and lips...
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ThePixieSprinkles said...

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I am over 18

To me, the word "make-up" means a fun way to enhance your natural beauty. Whether you want to subtly cover flaws and enhance what you have, or be bold, fun and dramatic with colours and techniques! Make-up is a great way to feel beautiful, confident and glamourous! =)

Thanks! =)

Cdee said...

Makeup means to me... confidence! You are able to enhance your own natural beauty and become an artist with just your face as the canvas. Makeup can make you into anyone/anything you want.. which is magical! x

hermionelachapelle said...
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Kelsey said...

To me, the word "Makeup" means a little something extra. I like to save makeup for special occasions. I may wear some mascara to wake my eyes up a bit, but usually I go barefaced. So when I have a big day or an important event, I can jazz it up. It makes it more special. Just a little something extra to make me feel pretty and confident, hiding what I don't want seen and enhancing what I want to emphasize. And sometimes I just like to play; trying new looks out can be so much fun, even if you're not going anywhere!

Youtube name: elisruit

Sweettango0113 said...

Makeup to me is not just a product. Makeup makes me feel even more confident and highlighting my inner beauty. It makes everything on my face pop out. I love makeup because doing my makeup everyday is fun but I always learn something new & match with different looks.
I know alot of people say using makeup means you dont have confidence or you dont have inner beauty, but thats not the case. Instead, makeup inhances your beauty.
Thanks for the giveaway!<3

Sweettango0113 said...

Forgot to mention: Youtube name is DTango0113 :)
I followed your Twitter, liked your Facebook,Like& Favorited the video,I am subscribed already, and have parental consent. :D

Lottie said...

Make-up means a mask, a distraction from my imperfections, a security blanket. It hides & protects me from the world, and hides them from me. It is a necessity, but also a decoration.
It makes something beautiful, it's the opening of the products & the beauty of the application! xx

Jacqueline Ferguson said...

To me, the word makeup means art:) We are the artist's and our face is the canvis! Every tiny bit we add, starts to complete our picture:D Makeup can transform the simpliest of canvis' just like paint can with paper<3 I think every person who wears makeup is an artist, and they produce the lovliest pictures<3 xxxxxxxx

freedbeauty said...

to me the word makeup means, not a better face, an enhancend face, it means you can go out looking completely different with makeup but also you can go out looking completely the same, just abit more touched up. Makeup gives me way more convidence with myself